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Widening of AMPU (small aluminium cargo handling appliance) model range

АMPU (small aluminium cargo handling appliance) is an optimal solution for a small warehouse, open field, temporary or permanent assembly site. Small cargo handling appliance  is made of good quality Russian aluminium. Design features allow to achieve outstanding working characteristics:

  • Low overall weight.
  • Simplicity of assembly and operation.
  • Mobility. Due to its portable construction, AMPU can be easily transported around facilities.
  • Maneuverability. 4 caster wheels with a brake allow to easily move small cargo handling appliance around the working site.
  • Reliability. All units have an impressive durability, proved by testing before shipment.
  • Adjustable height. Height of gantry with hoist can be adjusted, which allows to operate AMPU in rooms with low ceiling height.
  • Adjustable distance between side posts allows to move AMPU in narrow rooms.

The following models have the greatest popularity among the customers:

  • АMPU 200, load capacity 200 kg,
  • АMPU 300, load capacity 300 kg,
  • AMPU 500, load capacity 500 kg,
  • AMPU 1000, load capacity 1000 kg,
  • AMPU 1500, load capacity 1500 kg.

АМПУ алюминиевое малое перегрузочное устройствоMost of popular models are available in stock at Techimport warehouse in Perm. Having a stock of finished equipment allows to make delivery time as short as possible. If your AMPU is not available at the warehouse, we will manufacture it in 2 weeks, strictly according to your technical task.

Techimport manufactures small cargo handling appliances of aluminium. This allows us to complete individual orders with maximum speed and precision, even in case finished unit has non-standard dimensions or should meet specific requirements. Not a single request will be left unnoticed, and every single order will be completed. 

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