Small gantry crane

Light gantry cranes, jib cranes

Light gantry cranes belong to overhead category of lifting equipment. Crane’s structure is mounted on caster wheels for indoor or outdoor  movement.  This feature is especially helpful for indoor facilities with lack of overhead cranes.

Construction features

Usually, lightweight models have no rail-mounted moving mechanisms. Four bearing elements of the crane’s gantry are equipped with special wheels, which can rotate in different directions. The gantry itself is made from light alloys, e.g. aluminium alloy. This allows to reduce crane’s overall weight. Nevertheless, due to its reinforced gantry, this type of crane provides a great lifting capacity. Light gantry crane can be equipped with manual or electric hoist. If light gantry crane has a rail-mounted moving device, manufacturing company  produces versatile tracks, which can be quickly mounted on almost any type of surface.


Light gantry crane may either have solid or folding gantry.  Folding type cranes  are  compact, and can be delivered by car, although, those cranes have limited lifting capacity. They require less than 2 hours for complete  installation and immediate beginning of the exploitation process. In dependence of acceptable workload, light gantry cranes may have a lifting capacity  of 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, or 5000kg. In rare cases, cranes with lifting capacity up to 10000 kg and increased height under beam can be manufactured in accordance with individual projects.  Load-lifting span can be adjusted up to 6 meters. Development and manufacturing of individual model is necessary, if a bigger span is required.

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